Why Gun Safety is Important

December 15, 2013 Posted by TaylorG

The subject of firearm safety and why it is vitally important is not a laughing matter. Having been a personal victim of an injury due to reckless handling of a firearm, I can bring hefty support behind my claims that anyone desiring to handle, store or use firearms should learn proper gun safety.

Gun safety is an assortment of guidelines and key facts that can and will be utilized whenever an individual is keeping or dealing with firearms. The objective of these rules is to successfully cut down and eradicate the dangers of accidental injury, destruction of property or even death.

The purpose and objective that such safety training intends is to inspire in the user a state of mind that will form beneficial firearm handling habits. The attitude that should always be taken toward guns is that they are undoubtedly harmful and must constantly be kept and treated with absolute vigilant consideration. Respect must always be yielded and the strong discouragement toward comical firearm use should be eliminated due to the decades – if not centuries – of injury and death as a result.

Below is a great video on gun safety:

Here’s a quick gun safety history lesson as well.  During the late twentieth century United States marine Colonel Jeff Cooper came up with a variation of principles which are to: (more…)

How to Become a Gunsmith

December 13, 2013 Posted by TaylorG

If you love to work with your hands and enjoy using and working with firearms then you might consider learning the trade of a gunsmith whether it’s for recreational or career purposes. A gunsmith is proficient in wood and metal works and is trained in the art of building and repairing guns. The following information will provide some insight into how one can go about pursuing this interest.

The first thing an individual must consider is if they do have or are willing to acquire any talents for technical abilities. A lot of care is taken into consideration when producing a firearm because precise specifications must be met in order for it to work properly and sufficiently. Gunsmiths should have competency in mathematics because there is metal and wood cutting that must be measured accurately.

Gunsmith InformationExperience or learning to be effective with lathes, files, chisels, drill presses and measuring devices are essential for a gunsmith’s services. Of course using these tools requires one to have metal and woodworking skills. Next, there must be some form of technical know-how. There must be comprehension with firearms such as moving parts and how they function together as a concise weapon. If a gun has a problem then the gunsmith must immediately be able to understand what the problem is.

Next, it would be very convenient if a gunsmith had a love for history and the manufacturing of firearms. Knowing gun history will equip the gunsmith with knowledge of new and old gun designs, makers and components. More often than not, a gunsmith is an avid collector of accessories – especially firearms and related gear – and enjoys working with weapons as a hobby. It’s also very common for a gunsmith to belong to firearm organizations such as the (NRA) and they thoroughly enjoy going to gun shows, conferences and anywhere else that helps them perfect their trade. (more…)

Children and Firearm Safety

December 5, 2013 Posted by TaylorG

It is likely assured that many parents have cringed at the topic of kids and gun safety, but is the idea really so horrible or is it in fact something appropriate? The following details do in fact propose to answer this very concern to all parents – regardless of whether or not they do or do not own any firearms.

GunsmithingFederal statistics show that a now surprising half of American households own a firearm of some kind. It can be correctly assumed that not all of those people with children who own guns have discussed firearm safety with them. Even more certain can be that the children living in gun-free homes are not learning about firearms at all. A poll was taken for a children’s hospital of the University of Michigan and the results stated that out of 1,621 parents, only 18% who claimed to own a firearm said that they have ever discussed the subject of gun safety with their own children. Just over half of the parents who said they did not own a firearm have never uttered anything regarding firearm safety to any of their children.

Although the numbers may seem to be rather high, it’s been asserted that almost 30 children per day in the U.S. are hurt or killed by firearms alone. Even the injury or death of a child due to guns is one too many. If this is indeed the case then it would appear that gun safety for children is looking like a better concept more and more. But if correct instruction isn’t being taught to children then the basis of deterrence will be practically inefficient. Unless the curiosity of a child is satisfied in the proper way, more harm could come from gun fascination. (more…)

The Importance of Hunting in America

August 20, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Taylor GunsI think it would only be right for an actual hunter to come out with some information about why hunting is important as a sport and a hobby not only in America but around the world. I can proudly confess that I have the heart of a hunter, have done some hunting in my younger days and still love to be a part of it where I can. This information addresses why hunting should continue on for generations to come.

First of all, I think anyone who knows and believes in the true history of North America knows that the foundational food supply was based upon some gardening but unquestionably there was a lot of hunting. For many of us who have generational roots buried deep into this land, we intend to keep the traditions of our forefathers running on as far as they can. Hunting is the backbone for the New World and many of us see no reason why that should change now.  In fact, rifles, firearms and the best rifle scopes with other firearms accessories have only gotten better and more technologically advanced over time.

The thrill of the hunt is instilled within human nature. Ever since man picked up the first blade, arrow or axe with the intention to get meat and the animals began to run for the preservation of their existence, hunting began and has never stopped. Without getting philosophical and spiritual about hunting – like many others would – the fact remains that it is a part of our disposition (especially in young boys). Hunting can be done ethically and with no real harm done to the food chain despite what animal lovers will claim. It’s a part of us that should not be destroyed because it develops within us an interest in sport and recreation.

Hunting brings people together for a healthy and relaxing chance for quality time. Technology has pushed us too far into isolation from other human beings and hunting helps to regulate that by placing us outdoors with nature where it can be truly appreciated. Others look at pictures of nature and only imagine what it could be like and in the meantime the rest of us are right out in the middle of it enjoying the many things it has to offer. The bonds between family and friends are coming apart and something needs to be the adhesive that holds them together.  As popularity continues to grow again for the sport of hunting, so does America’s passion for firearms and the ability to customize their firearms as a hobby.  We hear stories about family outings with their firearms and hunting trips on an almost daily basis.

Lastly, I think I can say with great conviction that most “true” hunters actually love nature and love, appreciate and respect the animals they hunt. Just because you kill something does not mean you absolutely hate it. We have to kill animals because we enjoy their food. To generalize and say that all killing represents unwholesomeness is an absolute short-cut to thinking. In loving the animals we hunt, we will also fight for their rights to survive and be preserved. It’s quite possible that hunters appreciate these animals more than animal-lovers claim to. After all, the extinction of the beast will be the extinction of the hunt.

I think it’s fair to say without a biased opinion that hunting is important to people of every nation and some would starve without it. To take the right to hunt away is like stealing the right to breathe clean air and drink fresh water.

How To Catch Fish While You Hunt Duck

June 17, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Duck hunting is definitely one of the most demanding and very difficult sports to indulge in. There is usually some equipment involved, very complex regulations that can put you off as a beginner. However, if you are interested in the sport, you can learn duck hunting and fishing at the same time in order to compensate for one when the other doesn’t have much action. You can learn how to catch fish so you can do it while duck hunting. This is because sometimes you can wait and wait for the ducks to appear and they might take their time. So in order to kill the time, why not catch some catfish? No need to spend money on any of the best fish finders here, it’s a pretty simple process, which we’re big fans of.

catfish gunsmithing

The Catfish Bait

The bait is very important if you want to catch some catfish. You can use plastic bait but this might not yield positive results quickly. Live bait that is still wriggling isn’t very effective either, it might catch you some catfish but not as much as a piece of liver would. The best bait is usually liver, and preferably duck liver. You can get the liver from the ducks that you have previously hunted or you can opt for store-bought liver bait. However, consider crafting your own duck liver bait because you will not only save the money that you could have bough bait with, but you will also make a bait that will last longer and hook your cat fish.

Creating The Bait

As you prepare your duck liver bait, dry it a little and pack it in salt so that it can stay on your hook for a long time and prevent the irksome sliding into the water. You can also consider blending the liver instead of cutting it into pieces and then adding some extras like hot dogs, worms, cheese and spices to make it effectively draw the catfish. The better the bait, the more catfish you will catch during those long periods when there is no duck hunting action.

Catching The Catfish

Catching these beautiful, slimy and whiskered fish will require some skill. Some tips to help are as follows.

The Spawning Time

First determine the spawning time and if it falls on the time when the ducks aren’t there, then you have luck on your side. The catfish are most active and easiest to locate during spawning.

Concentrate On Rocky Underwater Sections

Catfish love the rocky underwater areas and you will therefore find a lot of them there. Most of these areas tend to be spawning sites and if you lead your duck liver bait there, you will no doubt catch a lot of catfish without having to wait for a long time.

Have Some Patience & Luck

Some patience is required when baiting catfish, sit still and wait for the catfish to come. You can wear your lucky hat, pants and so on to ensure that luck is on your side. The catfish will then take the bait and at the end of the day you will have tasty catfish for dinner along with a few ducks that you have hunted to stock your fridge.

John Browning – One of the Best Gun Makers of All Time

June 7, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

gunsmithing and the likes John Browning was one of the most successful firearms designers of the 20th century who specialized in automatic and semi-automatic firearms as well as cartridges, gun mechanisms and civilian firearms.

The Browning name has become so famous in the gun world that it in itself is a byword for a gun: you own a Browning. Similar to the idea of having an Irish walking stick, you think Blackthorn; the idea of having a gun will often lead to Browning. But who was the man behind the name?


John Browning was born 23rd January 1855 in Ogden, Utah and made his first firearm at the age of just 13 in his father’s gun shop. He was only 24 years old when he was awarded his first patent in October 1879.

Browning was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his family were part of the exodus of Mormon pioneers from Illinois to Utah. He worked in his father’s gun shop where he learned basic engineering as well as manufacturing principles and began the experimentation that would lead to his later career. His first development was a single-shot falling block action and formed a manufacturing operation with his brother Matthew to produce the gun.

The gun came to the attention of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company who sent a representative to check out the competition. This led to Winchester buying the design for $8000 and moving production to Connecticut. From 1883, Browning worked in partnership with Winchester and was behind the design of models such as the Model 1887, 1897 pump shotgun, falling block single shot Model 1885 and the level action Model 1886. Many of these guns are still in production today including the semi-automatic Remington Model 8 rifle.


By the beginning of the 20th century, Browning was designing small arms for Winchester in a highly successful collaboration. This came to an end when Browning proposed a long recoil operated semi-automatic shotgun – this later became the Browning Auto-5 shotgun. Browning tried to renegotiate his deal on an upfront fee for his designs in favour of a sales-related fee but Winchester refused.

Browning decided to take his designs overseas and went to Fabrique Nationale de Herstal of Belgium (FN). The gun that Browning designed and FN produced was one of the most popular shotguns throughout the 20th century.

Later life

John Browning never stopped designing small arms and died on 26th November 1926 in the workshop of his son, Val. The design he was working on at the time was for a self-loading 9mm pistol and this was completed by Belgian designed Dieudonne Saive. It was released as the Fabrique Nationale GP35 but was more popularly known as the Browning Hi-Power pistol, a favorite for law enforcement and sportsmen across the world.

The Browning Arms Company was established in 1927, the year after John Browning’s death and remained independent until it was [purchased by FN Herstal in 1977.

Still in use

Many of the designs of John Browning are still in use today, hence the name still be so synonymous with gunsmiths. Military weapons such as the M2 Browning machine gun has been in service since 1918 while the M4 cannon was designed in 1921 and has been in service since 1938 having been used on aircraft and Navy PT boats during World War II. And the Browning Hi-Power is still the standard side arm for the Australian and Canadian armed forces, over a century after it was introduced.

Hunting? Bring a Tactical Flashlight

April 6, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Forest At NightWhen embarking on a hunting expedition, it is important to always pack the correct equipment. Naturally, especially on any hunting trip which includes an overnight stay in the wilderness, a great flashlight is important. Having the proper flashlight however will prepare you for any unexpected circumstances you might encounter and will provide you with a sense of comfort in any type of dangerous situation.

All flashlights are not created equal however and the options available at your local hardware store will be plenty. For a dedicated outdoorsman you won’t want to waste your money on a product which is going to let you down in the tough terrain of the outdoors so what you want is the top tactical flashlights available. For more reviews visit http://www.tacticaltechdevices.com

What to Look For

The first thing you want to look for when considering the right tactical flashlight for you in the exterior. It is likely that it will get banged up pretty good so make sure it is made up of anodized aluminum which can really take a beating. Aluminum is a great choice because it is both strong and light. Anodized aluminum is even better as anodizing aluminum actually increases the outer layer of the unit making it stronger and more resistant to cracking.

The next component you will want to consider is the light strength of the device. This is measured in Lumen which is the measurement of the total “amount,” of visible light emitted by a source. The more lumen a device exposes, the brighter your flashlight will be. Anyone who has been in the wilderness knows how important a strong light is and the best tactical flashlights will provide you with more than enough light to hunt and camp safely in the wilderness.

For hunters that will be spending a number of days in the wilderness, battery life will become an important factor. Because gear is already so heavy, you don’t want to have to add a big package of batteries to your pack to lug around your camping expedition. Instead you want to identify a flashlight which will provide you a strong source of light for an extended period of time.

Most tactical flashlights have a variety of light setting to choose from so you can conserve battery life accordingly. Need as much light as possible to indentify an animal in the woods? Turn it on maximum brightness. Need to find something in the tent before getting some rest? Adjust your flashlight to a low setting to avoid using unnecessary battery life.

Our Choice Tactical Flashlight

With the hunter in mind, our choice tactical flashlight is the Fenix PD35 Flashlight which offers users up to 850 lumens while being light and compact. Furthermore, for under $100 it won’t break the bank and will offer you the reliability required to be safe in the great outdoors.


Finding Antique Guns With A Metal Detector

March 24, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Oftentimes, hobbyists encounter different artifacts when metal detecting. One of the most common finds are guns, which metal detector enthusiasts often find. Here are some stories of different guns found using these high end metal detectors.

Metal Detector

World War II Guns

In areas affected by World War II, it is not uncommon to find different kinds of guns. Places like Germany, France and even the United States yield some of the most interesting guns which were discoveries by metal detector enthusiasts. Here are some of the guns found by these enthusiasts.

  • Italian Mannlicher-Carcano

Designed in the late 1880s, the Carcano was used in Italy, Finland and during Nazi Germany. This gun still remains in production today and was used as the standard infantry rifles for a number of wars including World War I, Spanish Civil War and World War II.

  • Mosin-Nagant

The Mosin-Nagant is a series of Soviet Russia-produced rifles used in service from 1891 up to the present. It has been used extensively in wars even up to the current Syrian civil War. Because of this, it is one of the most commonly detected guns.

  • German Gewehr 98

Found mostly in Germany, the Gewehr 98 is the standard German service rifle from 1898 to 1935. This gun has also been seen detected in Spain. Found all throughout Europe as well, the Gewehr 98 is the main German infantry rifle throughout World War I and just before World War II.

  • Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina 41

This Soviet submachine gun has been in service since 1941. Since its creation, it has seen multiple wars and is thus one of the most commonly found guns by metal detectors. These guns were used extensively during World War II and have been used as well in proceeding wars up to the most recent Iraq War.

  • MG 151 cannon

While most metal detector enthusiasts find guns, there are some cases when an aircraft cannon is found. Being prolific in Nazi Germany World War II, the MG 151 cannon is often found buried by hobbyists.

  • German Maschinenpistole 40

The German MP40 was designed in 1938 and was used extensively during Nazi rule over Germany. It was used extensively during World War II and limitedly during the Cold War. Having been produced solely in the 40s, this is a unique find among metal detector enthusiasts.

  • German Karabiner 98k

Used by Nazi Germans and it was in service from 1935-1945. These rifles have been used in most wars that involve countries supported by post-World War II Soviet Union.

  • German Mauser HSc

This is one of the most commonly found semi-automatic pistol guns made in Germany. However this is one of the rarer guns as only 330,000 pieces of this gun have been built.

Recent Finds

Some metal detector enthusiasts have found newer and more recent finds of guns and other artillery.

  • Belfast Guns Cache

In 2013, a metal detecting enthusiast found what is thought to be the largest find of guns cache in Northern Ireland. Buried in Lisnabreeny Walk were 16 semi-automatic handguns and 800 rounds of ammunition.

  • Civil War Guns

In 2013, a concerted effort of a community in Alabama has resulted in the finding of a 13-inch Sea Coast Mortar used in the Civil War.

Here you can find more about metal detectors and 10 fascinating metal detector finds.



What Are the Best Cars for Camping?

March 1, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

If you’re anything like my family and me, camping is one of the best activities you can do with your significant other and your family. We try to go on several camping trying a year. These are really more like adventure trips because we fish, hike, kayak, etc. For activities like this, you really need a solid vehicle to support the amount of gear you bring alone, not to mention your family.

I have two boys and one girl. However, I might as well have three boys as my daughter loves camping, fishing, and hiking every bit as much as my boys, probably more. So naturally, our car is always packed with several sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, cooking gear, fishing gear, and anything else you could think of.

My wife and I being in our 40’s, we have tried out a ton of cars in the past and we have had a lot of experience using them for camping trips. We have definitely had our fair share of fails when it comes to having the wrong car for a camping trip. This would include but isn’t limited to: getting the car stuck, not having enough room so having to tie things to the roof and losing them, the kids being cramped and uncomfortable in the back, and anything else you could think of to go wrong.

We have been through enough that if we can help out at all if your family is even half as active as ours, we would love to. So we have picked a few cars to review for you. These are cars that we have used in the past, used similar models, or even currently have. We really hope this helps!

  • Volvo XC70: This may seem like an expensive camping vehicle at first, and that is true, but this vehicle is absolutely great. We have owned a similar model in the past, and it was probably our favorite. The real tragedy was my wife wrecking it on her way to yoga (unharmed). However for the years we did have it, it was choice. It has a ton of cargo space and towing ability.
  • Ford Expedition: We definitely wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday vehicle as the gas mileage is really not great. However, as a backup car/camping car, this SUV is fantastic. We had one years ago, and we loved it. Additionally, we hear the newer models have taken the good traits and amplified them.
  • Subaru Forester: This car just works on so many levels. The gas mileage is incredible; it handles like no other car we have owned. This is the current car we have. Not only is it our camping vehicle, but it is our everyday car! It has a high safety rating, it’s economical, great price. It’s fantastic in the snow, mud, ice, etc. Once our kids grow up, we hope to have this car ready for them to take over. Out of all the vehicles we have owned over the years, we recommend this one the most.

The Best Backpack for Serious Hunters

January 11, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

If you’re going to be in the wilderness for hours (maybe even days, depending on what sort of trip you’re doing), you need to have a lot of supplies close at hand to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Hunters have various tools and equipment that they need to keep with them to enhance their ability to take down their target. Whether you’re storing your binoculars, extra layers of clothing, trap parts, maps, or your sleeping bag for those deep incursions into the bush, you need a good place to store these important things.

One of the best things we’ve come across when it comes to hauling your gear around with you in the bush is the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag. This unit is designed specifically with the hunter in mind and is as versatile as they come.

Enormous Bag Capacity

The ALPS bag is a 5250 cubic inch (86 L) backpack, which means it has got some serious space to carry around just about anything you can think of. In all of the top rated backpacks for things like backpacking, hiking, and hunting, only 2 bags have more capacity and only by just a couple of liters. You really can’t get much bigger than this.

Highly Practical Versatility

Notice that the actual product is called a “Frame Plus Pack Bag”. What this means is that the frame can operate independently of the bag. You can take the actual bag off of the frame and use the frame as a means of carrying around something that is a bit awkward to fit inside a bag. Ever needed a convenient way to bring your trophy back? We’ve seen hunters put enormous antlers on the back of this and even massive slabs of meat.

One of the main reasons you can see it is made for hunters is the fact that it’s got a rifle holder along the side that will easily fit your scoped rifle. Just remember to take gun safety into consideration when using this feature.

They’ve also made it easy to strap various other pieces of equipment to the outside of the bag. You can comfortably carry a tent strapped to the top or bottom of the pack, for example, so that you could be carrying absolutely everything you needed for an extended outing on your back.

Pristine Rating and Bargain Price

You can get this unit through Amazon for less than retail (this means below $150), which is absolutely amazing for such a workhorse of a bag.

It’s also got the distinction of being the best selling external frame backpack on Amazon. With over 130 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating from real users, you know that this is one amazing backpack set up.


There is a lot to consider when you’re outfitting yourself with gear and equipment, but it’s a pretty good idea to start off by getting the base of all of it – this bag. Everything else you need to bring along will fit in it, and it comes highly recommended. ALPS is a solid company with a good reputation and we are absolutely sure you’ll love what this frame and bag combo will offer.

Why Educating Your Kids About Gun Safety Is Important

January 9, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Today, gun safety education is more important than ever. Because of rise in crime, more families than ever have guns in their home for protection. This fact alone expresses the need for parents to be proactive in teaching their children about being safe around, and when using, firearms. Educating children about gun safety will inevitably lead to less shooting deaths in the childhood population.FirearmsTeaching about firearms is not meant to promote or demote the purchase of guns, rather, its purpose is to give children the knowledge needed to make proper decisions around firearms any place at any time. It should not matter where the gun is located; children need to be educated to the facts regardless. From the viewpoint of parents who own guns, and may be teaching their children to shoot as well, and to be mindful of where the firearms are locked up at all times.  All of these points are invaluable.

Vital Safety Points

First and foremost, guns and children should be kept apart, unless under the supervision of teaching parents or gun safety/shooting educators. When in the home, the weapon should be unloaded and locked up out of the reach of any children residing there. Adherence to this main rule is the most important step in eliminating accidental deaths.

Firearm education should begin at a very young age, particularly in homes where there are guns. It is especially vital to use examples, real-life if possible, driving home the truths and consequences involved in firearm danger. Guns are simply not a toy. Also be sure to teach the children to be able to identify a real gun as opposed to fake or toy guns.

Here are a few other important points:

  • Do not hold the gun with your finger on trigger.
  • The gun should always be unloaded and locked when not in use.
  • Always keep the weapon aimed away from people.

Firearm Safety Classes

Gun safety education classes are offered most anywhere in the United States, and gun education classes for children can usually be found as well. For a fee, a professional firearms educator will teach your children major points you alone may have forgotten, or possibly not even knew. Classes should also be taken by parents, if they haven’t already.  The use of b.b. guns, as well as engaging children in hunting, are excellent ways to supplement your child’s gun education and awareness.

Implementation of the above advise will show your children respect for the firearm, enabling them to enjoy the weapons for their purpose. Not only will they be able to participate in activities using firearms, but they will have the knowledge which enables them to protect themselves from the physical danger.

In conclusion, the responsibility to teach children firearm safety, as well as gun laws, is the responsibility of the parent. Children only know what they are taught, and they learn by the example of their role models. Model proper gun safety and usage, and you will find your children exhibiting gun responsibility and safety at all times.  Always make sure your children know the locations of the firearms in your home so they do not go wandering and finding your safe when they shouldn’t be.

Smart Gun Safety

January 7, 2014 Posted by TaylorG

Gun Safety is Your Responsibility

There are many reasons to own a firearm. You may like to hunt occasionally. You may own a gun for personal protection. You may have oodles of extra money, and may be an antique gun collector.
Whatever your reason for owning a gun, it is your responsibility to store the gun safely and securely. It is not only a responsibility, it is the law in most cases, and you will be prosecuted if an accident occurs due to your negligence.

Keep the Children Safe

Safety is the responsibility of every gun owner, not just gun owners with children. If you don’t have children, you may have children that visit your home. If you never have children visiting, well surely you have other visitors. No friends? Well, if an appliance breaks, you may have delivery people in your house. At a minimum, you need to keep your gun with a trigger lock in a gun safe.

If you are a complete and total recluse, with no human contact whatsoever, you should still think twice about keeping a loaded gun sitting out in the open. What if you trip and fall and an accidentally reach for the gun and it discharges?

No Nonsense Tips

Here are a few tips on gun safety:

  1. Always treat your gun (and any gun you may encounter) as if it is loaded. Every time you handle a gun, check to see if it is loaded. You cannot check too many times.
  2. Never point a gun towards yourself or another person. Even if (see number 1) you have checked 100 times and know for sure that the gun is not loaded, do not point it at a person.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. This includes when you are at the gun range. Even if (see number 1) you have checked 100 times and know for sure the gun is not loaded, keep your finger off the trigger.
  4. When shooting your gun at a practice range or in a live situation, know your area. Be aware that if you miss your target, the bullet will continue to travel. Never fire at a target unless you are 100% sure what it is.
  5. Be familiar with your firearm. If you own your gun for self-defense, you may have purchased it, practiced at the range a few times, and then locked it up in a safe place. How long has it been since you’ve been to the range? You need to use your firearm occasionally so you understand how to safely handle it.
  6. Store your gun safely. Hiding your gun, no matter how good the hiding place, is not a safe way to store your gun. Check your local state or county laws, because there may be specific requirements for safe storage, and they may vary depending on whether or not you plan on storing your gun loaded. Safety devices include items such as trigger locks or cable locks. There are also storage boxes, or gun safes. Gun safes can be opened with keys, number combinations, or there are even affordable biometric safes that open with your fingerprint.

This story, Firearms in the Family: Gun safety too important not to teach, talks about some common things you should teach your family.

In conclusion, be smart about your guns. Store your guns with a lock. Store your guns in a safe. Teach your kids about guns.